Wednesday, May 7, 2008

All Mike Bellotti Team

With the NFL Draft still in the minds of Oregon Fans and NFL fans Ducks Attack decided to come up with a team of Ex-Ducks that would be the best at their position with Head Coach Mike Bellotti coaching the Ducks.

The players don't have to be drafted to make the team but you will notice most were drafted or made the NFL as an undrafted free agent.

Wednesday will be the offense and Thursday we will release the Defensive team.

Because Oregon's offense has changed over the 14 years since Bellotti has been headcoach we will include Two Running Backs, three Wide Outs, and One Tight End along with the Five Lineman and One Quarterback.

QB- Akili Smith

Smith was the start of something special at Oregon when you talk about Quarterbacks. He was a changing of the guard from slow and small QBs in college football to big bodied and fleet footed ones. He brought an added demension to the table and cause havoc on all defensive coordinators. His senior year Smith threw for over 3300 yards, 30 touchdowns, and a passing rating of 170.4 which was second overall his senior year.

RB- Rueban Droughns

Droughns was a beast from the get go when he got to Oregon. In his first game as a Duck he ran for over 200 yards and two touchdowns against a ranked Michigan State program that came to Eugene. He left Oregon as one of the best backs ever at Oregon and is in the top 10 all time in rushing yards with 2,058 yards rushing. His senior year he posted 1,234 yards and nine touchdowns before breaking his fibula against UCLA. He finished the UCLA game with 172 yards and one touchdown. The UCLA game was his last game of his senior season before going onto the NFL.

RB- Jonathan Stewart

Stewart came to Oregon in the summer of 2005 as argueably the highest ranked recruit to ever sign with Oregon. Stewar ran for 1700 yards and 11 touchdowns his junior year which ended up being his last at Oregon. He left Oregon as one of the most physical backs ever in Oregon history as long as one of the Nation's best kickoff return players in all three seasons at Oregon.

WR- Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson was the speedy wideout that excelled in the Oregon offense with Smith at the helm. Johnson is one of the fastest players to ever play at Oregon and was also one of the most productive. His senior season was huge for the Ducks as he was relied upon to be that go to player in the clutch. His career might be summed up by one play. "The Catch" where he caught the game winning touchdown pass up in Seattle against the Washington Huskies.

WR- Keenan Howry

Howry was one of the most sure handed receivers in Oregon history of football when he left the UO. Howry made a splash right away his freshman season when he landed a starting job and didn't let go until he ran out of eligibility. Howry is places across the board in Oregon's records in the history book. His best season came as a Junior when he helped guide the Ducks to the best season ever that ended with a blowout win against Colorado in the Fiesta Bowl in 2002.

WR- Sammie Parker

Parker much like Howry was a smaller wideout for the Ducks and can be said to be the last of his bread before current Duck Aaron Pflugrad joined the Ducks. Blessed with jaw dropping speed Parker was the home run threat that Oregon was able to harness whenever the Ducks wanted to go deep. His last game he set the record for most catches ever in one game for a Duck with 16 catches in the Sun Bowl.

TE- Justin Peele

Peelle started 28 of the 42 games in which he played during his four seasons at the University of Oregon. As a junior, he was an honorable mention all-conference pick as a junior when he registered 24 receptions for 388 yards and five scores. He was a first-team All Pac-10selection as a senior when he caught 34 passes for 491 yards and nine touchdowns. Peele was also a semi-finalist for the Mackey Award his senior year which was given to the best Tight End in college each year.

RT- Geoff Schwartz

Schwartz came into the Oregon program as a freshman who was dubbed a guy with great size and potential and left the Oregon program as a senior that was on the Second Team All Pac-10 and a 7th round draft pick to the Carolina Panthers this past season.

RG- Nick Stietz

Stietz was one of Oregon's best guards while at Oregon and helped pave the way for some of Oregon's best running backs in Oregon history.

C- Enoka Lucas

Lucas was one of the most rocksolid Offensive Lineman in Oregon history. He made the move to center for his sophomore year and held the job until he graduated. A player who helped mold another top OL under Bellotti, Max Unger.

LG- Max Unger

Maybe the most versitle player that has ever played in the trenches for Oregon. Up for the top Center as a Senior this coming fall. Has played all 3 positions since the move to Center this past season. Can play across the line and be dominate.

LT- Adam Snyder

Snyder was a beast and helped pave the way for other offensive lineman at Oregon to get noticed. He played in the Fiesta Bowl 2002 team.

Snyder departed as one of Oregon's most decorated linemen of all time, becoming the Ducks' third recipient of the Morris Trophey (as the Pac-10 Conference's top lineman) ever. The three-year starter and the school's first two-time first-team all-league offensive line stalwart in four decades extended his string of career starting assignments to 35 at three different positions while playing in 48 of 49 outings.


Anonymous said...

Akili Smith...sure he was a good QB, but come on...Joey was great!

Harrington actually won games...and his Senior season was scary good.

Anonymous said...

What if Dixon didn't get hurt - would he be the #1 QB or would we still be able to make a solid arguement for Joey over Akili (either way Akili was a joke - those were my years at school and I had classes with a couple of guys on the team who said that he was a jerk in the huddle and would change the play call)

Anonymous said...

Love Akili, Joey, and D. Dix. Really I agree with the Joey pick more winning years. ALthough had Dix stayed on track last year and stayed at our #2 ranking, I still don't think it would have been enough with only one year but man some good ones. I LOVE what J-STEW did, what a MAN, gonna miss him this year.

Anonymous said...

Christian McClemore (sp?) was really good...better than Sammie Parker. I'd take C-Mac over Parker all day.

Anonymous said...

Didn't McLemore (a great Duck)graduate after the Rose Bowl and therefore preceed Bellotti's tnure?

Anonymous said...

I like most of your picks. As much as i understand your pick for Akili. Bill Musgrave and Joey are 1A and 1B, period. Joey's body of work is ridicoulus, BCS win, 27-3, etc.

Bill Musgrave, first i knew Bill at school at the time so i am bias. BUT, i think he started the program to what he did in getting this team to it's first bowl game.

My wife was a tutor for him and she had no clue that he was a football player. She has no concept of football still.

Anonymous said...

bill was pre mb as ahead coach. akili was the most talented qb ever period... sammie parker should not even be in the conversation. i agree with the first two wr's, then ad tony hartly, or d will.

Sean said...

This is an interesting article but in the future, please proof read it a little better next time. The grammatical errors are distracting and for the love of God, don’t misspell the name of the running back you list as one of the best. Its Reuben Droughns, not Reuban.

jimaorduck said...

Smith was a one year man. Its hard to give it to him when you think of the 3 seasons Joey accomplished. He redirected Oregon football.

Then you have to take in KC and a kid who played under three differant OC's and the Leadership he brought to the table his Senior year. He's my second and Smith is third!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Bill Musgrave needed a tutor...funny. Rhodes Scholar winner needs tutoring.

casey said...

The author needs to check his facts regarding Droughns. He was a junior when he broke his leg against UCLA. His senior year ended with the Ducks win over Minnesota in the Sun Bowl Joey's sophmore year. Come on, any Duck fan knows this.

Anonymous said...

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